Auberge De Venise Montparnasse

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Auberge De Venise Montparnasse

Auberge De Venise Montparnasse -
Gastronomic Restaurant
- Paris

A mythical place!

L'Auberge de Montparnasse Venice existed since 1989. Before this place was the famous DINGO American Bar & Restaurant, run by Louis Wilson and his compère Jimmie Charters. This is the bar of this restaurant (the bar is original) Ernest Hemmingway invented some of the many cocktails described in his novels, including the delicious Long Island Iced Tea.

Enzo Volpe, head of the Inn of Venice, you will discover or rediscover the flavors of authentic Italian cuisine. These recipes are unique, they are a tasty mix of childhood memories (when cooked with his mother) and his professional experience with chefs Venetians. An experience to know absolutely!

Opening hours

Monday - Thursday

11:30 - 14:30 / 18:00 - 23:30

Friday - Sunday

11:30 - 23:30